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Friday, November 26, 2010

Climbing Ijen:Start at the bottom and go up!

Natural Hot Spring

Had no idea I would see this!
Tree-stump path

Walking to the unknown
Cabbage patch

Sulfur river...made our skin itchy

everyone leaves their mark

Jonnie appleseed!
The yellow is amazing

Can you see the little people near the yellow sulfur?

Emerald-green water!

These men walk 12km or more a day up and down a mountain
He is carrying 150lbs of sulfur


Two guys I hiked with

Very few tourists here...these guys from Austria

Let's do this!

More of the village-Wonosari


Breakfast #2

daily life


women's bathing house

the bridge that I crossed at 2am to use the bathroom

outdoor bathroom for the entire community

quaint gardens

adorable homes

Back of the van

The front

Amazing rice and corn fields!



Amazing weekend to the village!

A rocky road with an old van..can't believe we made it
Riding on top..friend Jonnie and Thai exchange student

The van man

Thanksgiving Display

More Gratitude

Displaying books and explaining the history

I'm proud!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sunday= PASAR (market)

My market basket and goodies...looks like my foot really wanted to be in the picture
zucchini, tomatoes, carrots, greens, cassava, tofu, tempeh, rice muffin, peanut crackers
and my breakfast "pecel"=rice & veggies with peanut sauce, all for less than $5!
You can't get that bargain at Walmart!