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Thursday, October 28, 2010

People march to honor the dead

Mourning victims of Tsunami and Eruption of Mt. Merupi
Asking the government and othe countries to "act" and not just "promise"

School across the street!

What up!
The girls demanded some attention

Fighting to get to the front

I want to go to their school and read some stories...they make me feel good!

So happy to meet Peace Corps Indonesia!

The first group since layers!
Peace Corps inside jokes

Colleen's daughter was a PCV in Malawi!!!!

So cool!

My awesome students!!!

How is SLA=Second Language Acquisition so funny?
I desperately need my students to use "name cards!"

Close up

I love the concentration!

Few pics on my walk to work

My sidewalk
No idea the genus species

This is growing along the road man!

My trip to in no particular order

I loved this place man!

Elisabeth and Jonnie...two of the baddest, raddest women to travel with!

Hungry? Thirsty?
Peeps in the Jeep

Flowers=offering to the mountain

The couple in our jeep

Very beautiful, very old, calm horse with the palest eyes

Horse ride, 10minutes=$5

Looking down on our village where we slept

Our jeep
Elisabeth, Jonnie and AKU=me



Equally awesome

We all got up at the crack of dawn to see the dawn crack

Open your eyes world

Our misty walk around town

This guy totally asked for it and for once, I didn't have to ask permission

Cabbage patch!

I called her beautiful and she blushed, smacked me and said no "you are," it continued..

Whizzing by on our way up the mountain

Trying to capture the essence of people


Nature's candy store

TV Show Filming

This was put on the hook and then I caught dad would not be proud

The crew!
Our "location"..."Warung Hujan"=Restaurant Rain

Visiting Maggie, Peace Corps Volunteer Indonesia

Maggie's Students


Americans, Maggie, Maggie's English Club and Extras