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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Birthday in Bali

Seminyak Beach, Bali

Birthday dinner at a "night market" off the beaten path

Our dinner
"rambutan" fruit (literally means "hair") is yummy!
When close to the fish!
Eat Clams!
Birthday dinner!
Beach side
Looking touristish
Hindu prayer sacrifice
Rice fields nearby

Sweet bikes

Lana looking in on mini-karate master

Shopping street
Quaint cafe
Stylish boutiques..millions of them

Awesome carvings

Hindu Temple


Meeting a balinese man and getting a secret tour

Down the secret pathway
To the restaurant that serves pig...not found among the Muslims
Hindu calendar
This is a great, "Welcome to Bali" ad
Making friends
Making cool surfer friends
Watching him swim away
Knowing Danielle Steele could make a novel about this man
Rules to restrict "drunken, rude, chaos" at a hotel

So many dogs in Bali
Sign says: "I used your birthday gift to fly to Bali"
Posing with my Indonesian dictionary
Sweet women trying to sell me everything
Sweet hotel